This page lists the common problems a Flex user may encounter and the solutions to them.

DApp login issues

If you encounter any issues logging into the Flex DApp, try deleting the session and retrying authorization with the same login and password - click Delete account and start a new session on the Sign in window:
Then reenter the credentials anew. Flex Auth DeBot will launch and update your keys, after which you will be able to use your account as usual.

Cannot start new session

If the Delete account and start a new session button does not seem to work (nothing visible happens upon clicking it), close and restart the DApp.
The Sign in window should update and allow you to start a new session.

Not enough tokens on Flex Client balance

This is an error most commonly encountered in Auth DeBot when trying to authorize.
It means that Flex Client contract associated with your Surf account does not have enough tokens to perform wjatever action you are currently trying to do. Usually this happens, when you create more than one Flex account from a single Surf account.
To fix this problem, you need to top up the balance of your Flex Client.
Tap (in the mobile app) or click and hold (in the desktop app) the Flex Client address. It is usually located at the top of your dialogue with the DeBot:
To check the current Flex client balance go to and paste this address in the search string.
The account page will display the current balance.
To top it up, go to the main Surf screen and click Send.
Fill in the Flex Client address and amount and send the necessary tokens.

Lost login and/or password

Flex has no built-in way to recover an account if you forgot its credentials. You can however use Surf to make a new account, and then recover all your funds from the old one.
To create a new account click Delete account and start a new session on the Flex Login screen:
Then authorize a new Flex account using the same Surf. You may need to top up your Flex Client for that.
Once authorization is complete, click Accounts management in the DeBot menu.
Enter encryption keys (usually it's Surf keys).
The first account that will be displayed is your newly created account. You dno't need to remove it.
Click Back and select the account you lost the credentials for (usually it's the one higher up in the list):
Review the funds on the selected account, and if it's the lost one, click Remove UserId and Wallets.
Then follow DeBot instructions, until the account is removed. All tokens, in orders or otherwise and everything remaining on the gas balance will be returned to you.
To continue using the new Flex account, deposit the recovered funds into it.

Market order fails due to insufficient funds

This may happen, if you decided to make a market order for 100% of your funds and the market price shifted significantly while your order was being processed.
You simply do not have enough funds to trade at the current price and pay the fees anymore.
Redo the order, and try to avoid trading 100% of your funds all at once.

Other errors with order processing

Error notifications are usually self explanatory, and for the most part you can retry after adjusting your order accordingly. If you encounter unknown errors, or need any other kind of help, you can ask about it in the Telegram group.