Keep up Gas Balance
Flex works entirely on-chain as a set of smart contracts. This means that every action you take requires blockchain fees to be paid.
To cover these fees Flex stores an amount of native EVER tokens as your Gas balance.
You allocate the initial amount to your Gas balance when connecting your wallet. After deployment it will be at a minimum of about 100 EVERs.
This balance will gradually be spent on deploying new internal wallets (30 EVERs per wallet) and topping them up as necessary, as they spend their balances on trades.
It is recommended to keep your Gas balance up above 50 EVERs at all times.
Its currently available value is always displayed in the Assets section.
The total amount of gas, including gas already sent to wallet native balances (currently listed under In orders) is displayed in the Funds tab.
If it turns red, it needs to be topped up.
To top it up, click Deposit next to the Gas balance in the Assets section.
Scan the QR code or go to desktop Surf app.
Enter the amount to send to your Gas balance and confirm:
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